Thursday, September 8, 2011

10 things about your appearance.

  1. I like to wear baggy clothing because it’s super comfy.
  2. I like glasses that only have a half-frame. Full-frame is too heavy, I think.
  3. I prefer short hair because it’s easy to take care of, but I look best with shoulder-length hair.
  4. I almost always wear sandals because I take off my shoes at every opportunity.
  5. If I paint my nails, it’s dark blue.
  6. I’m most complimented on my eyes and my lips/smile.
  7. I prefer neutral color clothing.
  8. When I’m concentrating I sometimes look angry. It’s just the intensity of my thought!
  9. I sit in my chair cross-legged or with my knees curled up.
  10. I don’t wear makeup because it feels icky.

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