Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Did you ever have any special powers in your dreams?

Of course. All the time. How fun would dreaming be if you couldn’t give yourself special powers?

I’ve had them all. Flying to invisibility to transformation. All of the stock powers, really. But what’s really interesting is when I discover a power or become something completely different without trying. Then it really does feel like a discovery, and it really feels real.

The most significant special power I ever discovered in a dream was… it was like… transcending physical form.

I was having a really stressful dream where I was being hunted by wolves, and I decided to leave that one and run really far into the distance until I went over the hills. The wolves wouldn’t be able to get me here because the hills divided two different dreams.

This hill dream was really nice. The sky was blue with some clouds. The grass was extremely green and spongy. I remember the smell of grass after a spring rain. And on this hill there were grazing rams that had these horns bigger than a monster truck wheel. They were big animals.

I walked up to one, and he charged me. But I wasn’t afraid of it, I wanted it to charge at me because when it hit me, I was rocketed into the air.

I shot up up up into the sky at amazing speeds. It wasn’t flying, it was just a line of force that I had no control over. Power that sent me in a direction without mercy for my wishes, and it was liberating. I kept my eyes on the clouds above me, and I saw that there were people looking down at me with their hands held out.

I reached my hand out, and as I did so I felt my body disolve. Or disappear. Or become unnecessary. I can’t quite figure the best way to describe it except to say I became a scribble. Everything that was me became this buzzing ball of energy, a streak of shifting color, consciousness in its freest form. And I knew if I could get past those clouds and touch their hands, I could stay like this forever and travel the universe at will.

My hand almost reached them. With only a couple feet of distance, I felt myself slow, and my physical form started to return. I’d reached the highest point of my journey and now earth’s gravity was pulling me back down. I was distressed that I couldn’t get any closer, but felt like it was well worth coming all this way to at least have a taste of this form. The people in the clouds smiled and waved at me. The brief moment of freedom disappeared, and I slammed back into my body and woke up.

It felt great. And it’s the one dream I would die to have again but for the life of me I can’t seem to get it right. I’ve had similar dreams, but none quite so vivid as that one.

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