Thursday, September 15, 2011

What is your biggest most terrifying nightmare?

My terrifying nightmares all have the same theme- being hunted.

I hear it’s really common for children to have nightmares about being hunted, and that was certainly the case for me. I would be hunted by any number of things, people, dogs, lions, but more than anything else, I was hunted by dinosaurs.

God I hate dinosaurs…

Primarily velociraptors. Velociraptors are my greatest fear. Seriously, I cannot look at an image of a dinosaur, velociraptor especially, and not feel my heartrate go up and my eyes get wide. It’s terrible. Thankfully, velociraptors are extinct, so there’s no worry about meeting a real one. (yet.)

In my dreams I’d be hunted by these creatures throughout my childhood neighborhood. More often than not I would hide in a ditch and hold really still and they’d pass on the road without seeing me (they sense movement.) But occasionally, one would catch me. In which case I would jerk awake gasping or screaming, depending on how painful the capture was.

To this day, I still have hunting dreams, but not with dinosaurs (as much.) My dreams have matured over the years and now I end up getting hunted by shadows, vampires, anonymous evil secret agents, monsters of varying horrific degrees, people that I should know but don’t (because they aren’t real,) and other such amorphous figures of stress.

I think it’s because of the frequency of these dreams when I was younger that today I have such great control over my dreaming. Now days when I feel a hunting dream coming on, I have an arsenal of weapons to use against it. Sometimes I simply stop the dream. Freeze time and walk around the horrors, go through a white door (the same white door every time) and move into the next dream. Other times when I’m feeling angry at being hunted, I’ll grab my trusty dream-crowbar and defend myself. Or if I’m feral, I’ll just take down the horrors with my bare hands (and teeth, man. Show no mercy.) Usually after I’ve given my stresses the good ol’ one-two, I feel better when waking up.

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