Monday, November 23, 2009

Jordan and Egg, Sitting in A Tree...

So! Two new pictures. These ones involved a bit more than simply scribbling, but they were still really quick. A whole lot of fun to draw. The first picture you see is a female-version Jordan. As you can tell, it still looks just like Jordan, but she's dressed in such a way to show off a bit more form. I still haven't decided on a gender. However, I must admit that female Jordan is flat out hot.

The second picture is Jordan and Egg pairing picture. The recent storyline has had some serious drama-drama (pronounced: DRAAmah-DRAAmah) going on involving these two characters. So fun-fun.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

MnM Doodles!


Jordan and London

Egg and Mariska

Egg and Jordan

Here's some fun doodles I did today. It's the Mutants and Masterminds characters. London, Egg, and Mariska are my friends' characters and designed by them, and Jordan is my character. Doing these little scribbles are a fun way to refresh myself after I've been animating for too long!