Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Have you ever had a lucid dream (been aware that you are dreaming)?

Lucid dreaming is practically the only kind of dreaming I do. Actually, I was shocked to find out that other people have difficulty with lucid dreaming, since it’s so normal for me.

Basically, I almost always know that I’m dreaming when I’m dreaming. Which is the definition of lucid dreaming. I don’t always have complete control over my dreams -particularly when I’m stressed out in real life- but I know it’s a dream to begin with. However, even if I know that I can do whatever I want in my dream, most of the time I just roll with it, almost like watching a movie. I participate in what the dream wants me to do and it’s usually pretty fun. Like an actor on stage or a character in one of my stories.

Sometimes I do take control of my dream though. If something gets scary or if I get bored, I usually chose to fly off and do something else. Flying in my dreams is similar to super jumps, but you don’t come back down. You have to jump off the ground high enough and then just coast for a while before you decide to land. I like to ask my friends what flying is like in their dreams and I’ve heard everything from flapping arms to controlling chi.

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