Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Character Study: Aim's Living Space

Aim lives in a three story building with Rocket, Fallon, and Sprigget. The first floor is The Shop. The shop always smells like grease. It’s lit with florescent lamps, a rarity in the city. There are several tables, always covered by Sprigget’s little inventions and experiments. There roof is very high, and there is a large garage door to allow large vehicles to enter and exit via the wide dirt road in front of the building. There is also a front door that leads to a small reception area, but it’s not regularly used.

They often keep the garage door closed to keep prying eyes out, but there are many vents at the top that let in breeze and streams of sunlight. It’s often very hot in the hangar since it’s hard to air condition such a large space, but they have several fans that they turn on during the day time. 

The building has electricity from the city, but it’s often shoddy, especially in recent times, so they often rely on a generator they keep in the basement. The generator collects energy from solar panels and can be used when switched on. The basement is concealed because that is where they store illegal goods. 

There is a set of old metal stairs that lead up to the second floor. Sprigget lives on the first floor in a back room that is also his lab, but on the second floor Rocket and Fallon live. There is a common area that functions as a “living room” of sorts, with an old well-loved couch and a small table that’s always covered, and also as a kitchen, with a large sink, a small ice box, a cooking stove, and plenty of cabinets to hold dried food. The floor is worn clay (it is concrete down stairs.) 

This is one of the few buildings that still have working plumbing, running water, and gas. This floor also always smells of grease, but less potent due to the higher elevation and the open windows. There is a set of three doors. One leads to a small bathroom that is very utilitarian in style. The other two lead to Rocket and Fallon’s rooms. There is a small spiral staircase made of iron and wood that leads to Aim’s room on the top floor. 

The top floor is only one room, once an attic and now Aim’s space. There are still crates in this room, remnants from before she moved in, that she uses as chairs and tables or storage place. She does not know the actual content of the boxes and is not too concerned with it, since she was told by Rocket when she first arrived that they were just junk parts and she hasn't thought of it much since.

Aim’s bed is a single mattress on the floor with a few thick wool blankets, one red, blue, and the other grey. She has a single feather-stuffed pillow. She considers her bed a luxery. Aim’s room has several small windows to let in light and fresh air. Being at the top of the house, it is usually very hot in here in the day time, so she does not spend much time in her room. However, she always opens the windows to keep it as cool as possible. She does have a set of wooden doors that open up to the second-floor roof. From this angle, she can see most of the street in either direction. She finds this high vantage point comforting, and will sometimes in the summer nights step out and sit on the rooftop and observe the quiet surroundings and listen to the wind that’s constantly moving past the buildings. 

Aim’s room is quiet at all times of the day. Often unoccupied, on the uppermost floor away from the bustle of the street and the hammering down stairs. The walls are whitewashed, but haven’t been repainted in a very long time. As a result, they tend to have a warmish yellow orange color due to the collection of sands that were carried on the wind. Aim does not leave papers or other possible flying objects in the open in her room. Aim spends time in her room to sleep, and in the mornings and evenings when it’s not overwhelmingly hot there. 

The morning is her favorite time of the day, though she often sleeps through it, because a thin amount of dew collects in the room and feels good on her skin. She does have a mirror on the wall that she uses to check herself in the morning. It hangs next to the door, at the foot of her bed so that when she sits up in the morning she’s forced to look at herself. There are also several drawings of interesting schematics drawn by Sprigget that she has collected and securely tacked to her walls. The paper is thin and delicate due to heat and wind, but she keeps them up nonetheless. 

The floor here is wood that creeks under her feet. When she paces at night, Rocket can hear her movements above him, though he hasn’t said anything about it. The ceiling is bare white with wooden beams. 

The building as a whole has a stone construction with the top two floors being constructed with packed clay walls. The ceilings are held up by wooden beams, and the doors leading to the outside are made of wood, but the doors on the inside are simply thick cloths hung from the doorway and pulled aside in the day time to allow a cross breeze filter through. The floor of the second and third floor is covered by a tight-woven straw-ish mat that is worn down where people usually walk. 

Aim has an empty crate turned on its side that operates as a nightstand and a storage area for her few personal possessions. She keeps the possessions in the crate with the opening facing her bed. The gas and plumbing doesn’t reach this floor, so she has a small oil lamp sitting on top of the crate that she can use for light at night. Her windows do have drapes but they’re never drawn, even when she’s changing clothing. Outside on the roof, she has access to an emergency escape ladder. It is made of metal, but is largely unused so it’s slightly corroded by the wind and sand. The bottom half of the ladder is pulled up and held by a crank that she has access to from the rooftop. The building only has three floors, but it is four stories tall due to the large garage.

Aim’s favorite place is in the crow’s nest on the train. Sitting in the worn, padded chair, slightly reclined with feet set on control peddles ready to swing her in every direction, this is the place where Aim finds the most value in her existence. Sharp reflexes, intelligent mind, and skill with the nest makes her feel worthy of the space she takes up in the world. The nest sits atop the first car of the train. It is a large circular platform with gears underneath that allows it to rotate 270* left or right. 

The nest features two things, the controller's chair and the giant launcher for the electromagnet used to reel in beetles. The controller’s chair is leaned back, ergonomically designed to keep the individual well seated even when jostled about. There is a harness that buckles in the center over the driver’s sternum. A pole stems from the back of the chair and has a sheet of glass that wraps around the chair at eye-level. When the computer is turned on, it displays information about the landscape and, primarily, the target specified by the controller. There are two large levers used to control the nest. The levers are used to adjust the angle of the electromagnet. There are buttons on top of the handles that Aim must press down on to launch the magnet. The rotation of the nest is controlled by the foot pedals, which are pressed down on to direct which way to turn the nest and how quickly.

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