Monday, August 8, 2011

Character Stydy: Crow's Living Space

Crow lives with Pax and Fonda above the community shop.

On the first floor is a sort of convenience store with everthing from food to clothing to home-living nesecities to odd imports from other cities and countries. If it’s useful, it’s at Fonda’s. The atmosphere is very warm (as in iviting) and Fonda goes out of her way to decorate the shop with nice things such as dried flowers/plants and painted walls.

Up a set of creaky wooden stairs is the living quarters. There is a kitchenette/common area which is small and homey. It features a low table with a vase on it. You can sit on the floor at the table to eat or read or anything. Fonda’s place is not airconditioned or heated, so there is a fire place here, which is used frequently during winter nights. They are fortunate enough to be able to afford to burn wood for heat, but Fonda will not burn it unless there are more people there other than her, Pax and Crow. This common area is frequented by the sick and needy. It smells of clay.

There are two rooms, one shared between Pax and Fonda and the other, smaller room belongs to Crow. Crow’s room always has the windows open and the door-sheet drawn open. He keeps it clean and tidey, has a normal-looking bed with sheets he tucks in in the mornings. His bed is against the wall with no window, with the head against the wall that has a window that opens up to the street. From his window he can lean out and see The Shop down the street.

His room was decorated by Fonda, and on the walls are small paintings in frames, mostly of desert flowers and oases. Crow enjoys them, though he would not have picked them out on his own. Crow has a chest at the foot of his bed that he keeps his medical equipment in, unlocked and always at the ready to help someone who is brought into Fonda’s shop. Under his bed is a box of vials and bottles that have different kinds of medicines, most of them being anti-venoms used against various snakes and scorpions that frequent the desert.

His floor is clay, though the common room has a thresh mat. It’s dusty in the corners but he tries to sweep out what he can for the most part. His window has an awning that provides further shade while allowing the breeze through. He has a dresser under the window for his clothing and on top keeps several books that he reads over and over. Crow likes to keep to his room in his free time, but between helping Fonda with the shop, chores, spending time with Pax, and healing the sick and wounded, Crow does not have much time to himself.

Crow’s favorite place is his room when he is undisturbed.

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