Friday, August 26, 2011

Best book-to-film adaptation

Battle Royale (2000)

For those of you who love INSANE Asian movies, you need to check this one out. Battle Royale is a story that covers the events of Japan’s high school “battle royale,” where a randomly selected class of students are placed on an island and forced to kill each other until only one remains.

It’s a lot better than Hunger Games. (It also came first.)

Is there a point to all the bloodshed? Perhaps. You’ll have to watch the movie and decide for yourself. The underlying moral of the story comes across better in the book, but this movie does such an excellent job of capturing all the entertaining parts of the book that I might suggest just watching the movie.

Strange for me to say that, but oh well. I do think that the book ends slightly differently than the movie (I’d have to watch it again) but I remember that both were satisfying, so you can pick your poison on this one.

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