Saturday, March 10, 2012

Least favorite film by a favorite director

Jackie Brown (1997)

That’s absolutely not to say it’s not a good film. Jackie Brown is still a good movie, it’s just my least favorite of Tarantino’s movies. Why? Well, I don’t know, there was something odd about the pacing. I just felt like the movie kept going on and on. I’d have to really break it down and analyze it before I could tell you exactly why I thought that was. (Very likely a good idea, but I’d like to sit on the movie for a few days before I try to dissect it.)

Once again, Tarantino has a kick-ass female lead. Jackie Brown (the movie, not the character) has an anti-romance streak running through it that I totally bought into. I’d love to use that kind of relationship in my own stories. Overall good movie, but when you place it next to his other amazing films you just can’t say it’s his best.

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