Thursday, February 23, 2012

A movie that disappointed you

9 (2009)


“Disappointment” is a good word for this movie. It sounds kinda harsh but it’s true, I was sorely disappointed. The trailer was excellent. Energizing, intriguing, it made me want to see the movie. I’d also seen the short film the movie was inspired by, so I thought it would be clever too.

Unfortunately it wasn’t. This movie is one missed opportunity after another. Such a rich and intriguing world and I never felt like it was exploited. The story was dry and predictable and the dialogue equally as much. What got me visually was that the textures didn’t hold up on closeups. When they did an over the shoulder shot, the weaving on their body looked like a low-res image, which I bet it was.

If only they’d spent more time figuring out what they wanted to say. The movie would have been great if it had a point.

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