Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Caffeine Induced High

So I have this thing that when I've had a lot of caffeine, I just love to ride the elevator.

No, seriously. All those buttons to look at and the people in the little box with you and the up and down and the little drop you get in your stomach if the speed is just right. It's like weeee and all the while you're talking to someone.

Thirty second conversations. Small talk. I'm only good at it when I've had no sleep and too much caffeine to keep me going. On a normal day, I'm too direct for proper smalltalk. I always feel there has to be a point to communication. Almost as if something in my mind is saying "what is the concept statement of this conversation?" or "What is my subject line?" or "Do I have a thesis statement?" All of which are the same question, but slightly different in their own right.

But with a good amount of caffeine (or a small dose of alcohol) I become very sociable. I love to talk to people and relate to them and all that wonderful human connection stuff; sometimes it just takes a little step forward to get the ball rolling. On a normal day, I'm very focused. Too focused to bother with smalltalk- to the point that even when I want to smalltalk someone in the elevator, I find it overwhelmingly difficult. Not so when on a caffeine high. There's so much in the world to discuss, and not all of it is heavy.

So there was something more relevant I was going to say. This wasn't exactly the point of my post, but by this point I've forgotten the true intention of my being here. I think I had some kind of comment to make about JS Facial or something. If I remember, I'll mention it later.


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