Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aaaaaand We're Back!

Back in business? Mayhaps. Honestly, I'm a major writer, but not much of a blogger. Probably because I tend to email everyone who's close to me, so there's not much more point to posting up information elsewhere...

And then senior year came.

Blogging positive for job hunting, y/n? Don't know. I'm going to have a website set up n'all, so I guess that'll take care of those needs. Sometimes people link to their blogs. I'm still not certain what I'll be using this particular blog for, but for now, I think I'll just write random stuffs and post up work as it comes along. Links and shiznit.

So, so, not that anyone's reading this, but something exciting happened recently. I was nominated to be a Student Ambassador! A Student Ambassador essentially greets people and gives tours of the campus and all, so it doesn't sound all that wonderful, but (call me a nerd) I actually really like all that kinda stuff. I was a part of Smile Staff sophomore year, and aside from helping everyone move into their dorms, I also got to give tours of the campus and meet a lot of new people. I like people. They're fun.

So yeah, I don't know who nominated me, but I've got a couple suspicions. I'll be going to an informational meeting on Tuesday. Right before CA class- I hope we get out on time.

Aaaanyway, it's official, I'll be working on Emma's Flight for my senior thesis. I noticed that I didn't post up anything for Ocean's 2, which is my other thesis proposal. I'll have to do that because a lot of fun drawings came out of that story. Ocean's 2 features two hungry seagulls that pull off a classic Ocean's 11 heist to get the breadbasket off a restaurant table. It's a comedy, dialog and acting heavy. It passed as well, just sosyaknow, so I got to choose between Emma's Flight and Ocean's 2, and I went with Emma's Flight.

My love for my thesis borders on obsession. It's all about ripping it apart and putting it back together again. Since I've last posted anything anywhere or made mention of it on this blog, I've done... approximately seven more passes? Something like that. And every time it gets better and better. Steve Hickner, a director from Dreamworks, came to our full-faculty critique, and he really liked my story. It was so exciting. I'm so pumped for this year. A LOT of work (oh god, where do I begin?) but I think I can do it. I think I can pull it off. One step at a time.

We've got another full faculty critique coming up in three or four weeks. This is hardly enough time to get everything done. We essentially need to have first pass done for our entire project by then, and a lot of us don't even have sets yet (myself included. But don't worry, I've got that part under control. I've got an ace up my sleeve.)

Oh man, and for Portfolio class we've started work on cover letter stuffs. Tammy said that we should reach for the stars and write a cover letter for our absolute number one job. Anything in the world we wanted. I thought long and hard, and I decided upon writing a cover letter for a Story Artist position at Pixar. Last year I was too chicken to even go for it, but this time around, I'm going to go all out for it. I've got a motto that I apply to life: "If I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it right." So I'm going to make a story portfolio and brush up all my work really nice so that I have something to show Pixar. The worst that can happen is they say 'no' and I'll just take them up on the challenge and submit again in a year.

So yeah. Good stuff. Fun fun. Much love <3


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