Monday, November 14, 2011

10 things about your friends.

  1. They’re all vastly different from each other.
  2. Most of my friends know most of my other friends but I don’t think I have one friend who knows all my friends.
  3. They all come from different sides of the tracks and I float between their circles depending on my mood.
  4. Most of my friends have a creative side to them, but it’s not always expressed through visual arts. They’re great writers, game designers, musicians, and computer programmers.
  5. My core group of friends would probably be considered geeks by most.
  6. My friends tend not to date each other, as an unspoken rule.
  7. There is very little drama in my group. When there is, it’s intense, but doesn’t last long.
  8. I consider all my close friends part of my family and protect/assist them as such.
  9. Most of my friends are people you can go a while without seeing but feel like no time has passed when you meet up again.
  10. Most of my friends were met in school.

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