Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 things about your family.

  1. We get along pretty well overall.
  2. There’s four in my immediate family: Mom, Dad, Jackie, and me.
  3. Both grandparents on both sides are still alive and kickin’.
  4. We go on family trips to different places. We used to go to North/South Carolina all the time during spring break.
  5. My dad’s a lawyer, my mom’s a pharmacist, both my granddads worked at NASA.
  6. My brother’s gonna be a good president some day, just you wait.
  7. My parents have a habit of adopting the neighborhood kids.
  8. We have a family cat named Nutmeg.
  9. My brother is Jack the Third and he plans to have a Jack the Fourth.
  10. I’m proud of my family name because I’m proud of my family’s accomplishments.

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