Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Have you ever had the same dream twice? If so, describe it.

I have SO many dreams multiple times, and sometimes it’s on purpose and sometimes it’s in the same night.

Sometimes when I’m dreaming, I remember that there’s a dream that I wanted to have again, so I dream it up. I remember it, but more vividly than any memory (at least, that’s how my dreams are to me. Dreams feel like real life to me, whereas memories feel like floating ideas in the darkness of my skull.) Other times I’ll have a really cool dream and want to repeat it once or twice more so that I remember it better when I wake up.

And then, occasionally, a dream simply reoccurs.

Since I have so many, I’ll just tell you the very first reoccurring dream I ever had. I don’t know what it is about this dream that I enjoy so much. Perhaps it’s a bit of nostalgia, perhaps it’s the first time I actually started to learn how to control my dreams. Either way, I remember large portions of it like it was recent.

I was in my childhood home, which means this is still back in the days of elementary school. Remembering the people who were in this dream, I think it places me about about eight years old.

Anyway, so in my dream, it was my birthday, and I was having a slumber party. Several of my classmates attended the party, among them one girl who I didn’t recognize but apparently was best friends with. She was a little Asian girl- and I didn’t have any Asian friends at the time- but in my dream we were closer friends than anyone else. I don’t remember her name, and frankly I don’t think this dream-girl had one.

For some reason, we all decided we were going to sleep in the dining room. We set up a little fortress (a sheet over the dining room table) and we all hunkered down and giggled together. My dream-best friend and I weren’t in the fort, though. We sat right outside of it next to the sliding glass door that went out onto the porch where the pool was.

When I looked over at the pool, an alien space craft crashed through the porch-screen and landed over the pool, with three skinny metal legs on the ledges to keep it above the water. The door slid open and a long ramp unrolled, and down the ramp came these two large green-headed aliens with sharp teeth.

All the girls and I stared in horror at the aliens as they approached the sliding glass door. They stopped on the other side of the glass, looked directly at me, and said “One of us is among you. We’ve come to take our child home.”

All of my friends panicked that one of us was an alien. We looked at each other suspiciously. I asked the aliens “How do we know who it is?”
“Look at your shadows.”

And we all looked at our shadows. Our shadows appeared normal, except for my dream-best friend who had a jumbled shadow, full of angles and little creatures that moved around even though she was holding still. All the other girls screamed in fright and told my best friend to leave, but I didn’t want her to leave even though she was an alien.

The alien parents held out their hand and said “It’s time to come home.” And my best friend walked out the sliding door and got in the space craft.
At which point the dream always turns into something else altogether.
Sometimes, when I have this dream, there is one difference. Instead of my best friend being the alien, it turns out that I am the alien with the creepy shadow, and so I have to leave. But everything else remains the same.

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