Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mutants and Masterminds

Heard of that game? Mutants and Masterminds is kinda like DnD, only it's with comic book superheros. My friends and I've started a really super casual campaign, with all mutant high school students (sans one faculty PC.)

My character is Jordan Lank, an "ambiguously gendered" individual. Jordan turned out to be "ambiguous" because I really wanted to play a female character, but then I realized that all of my friends were playing males except for one. We started the "blue harem" joke, and I realized if I created a female character, it would mess up the funny. So, when I brought up the demlima, one of my buddies said "just make your character ambiguously gendered and give them a neutral name. It'll still count!" And thus, Jordan was born.

Jordan leans towards male on first glance. However, take a moment to imagine Jordan in a skirt and with a really small chest. Strike a lady-like pose. Could it work? Possibly. Just enough to make you wonder. Jordan is probably more likely to admit to you the fact that s/he's a mutant than s/he is to discuss "hir" gender. (Mostly because even the players don't know what's under that baggy jacket.)

On a different but relevant note, I've developed this "child-propotion" style thing for character designs that I just like a whole lot. It makes me want to draw a bunch of different characters of mine in this style and see what they look like. Maybe you will see more later.

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