Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mariska Morevna

Mariska (ma-RISH-ka) Morevna, another character from Mutants and Masterminds! Mariska is not my character; she was designed and played by my friend Casey. I used one of her reference pictures and converted Mariska into this chibi thing I've got going on. I plan to draw the rest of the party in this style as well.

Mariska has the ability to create illusions and invoke fear in her targets. This is an extremely useful ability at times. However, she doesn't have perfect control over her illusions, which sometimes induces nightmarish existences for her neighbors. Her family is forced to move from place to place due to this, so she has few friends. It doesn't mean she isn't friendly, though. Mariska could save your ass just as easily as she could hand it to you.

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