Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lucky Moon: Seath

Man, I love doing these short character bios. Peter and Rom's design were handled by my friend, but I did the character designs for Nanne, Seath, and Ulrich. Here's Seath, Ulrich's right-hand man. Seath believes in Ulrich's ideals absolutely, and should something happen to Ulrich, Seath is the only living man Ulrich will trust with handling (or taking completely over, in the event of his death) operations. Seath is quiet, polite, and keenly observant. He's most often found holding close to a wall or near a doorway as if he were part of the room. People have gotten so used to having Seath quietly around, he's often forgotten, which is exactly how he wants it. A person may suspect Ulrich of manipulating them, but they would never suspect Seath. Seath isn't a bad guy at all, he's just really good at doing what he does, which is knowing everything that goes on.

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