Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brilliant Day Today!!

Many wonderful things are going on. Yesterday I knocked off projects from my list like a hitman. It was awesome. Today I took some time to go to Borders to do a system reset, so now my brain isn't as jumbled and I'm settling down to do a crapload more of work. Things are going very well.

I've been into Fables and Flight. I've got books in the mail coming- I'm so excited.

So, the real point is to give you an update on Emma's Flight! I've just finished rigging/texturing the dragonflies, so I've got some maya screen caps to share with you. Meet Glow, Fly, and Buzz!




They're Emma's little helpers throughout her story. There aren't any closeups, so they're pretty simple shape/texture/poly. Their primary feature is going to be the dotted line that trails after them, the details of which I still need to work out. But there they are! Super cute.

On a different note, I'm currently taking the Ecology of Water class (require science credit to graduate.) We've got two projects coming up- one is reviewing a movie that has something to do with a water-based event. The other one is a presentation having anything to do with water.

So for my presentation, I'm going to talk about clouds. Because I freakin' love clouds. And for my movie review-

Ponyo anyone?

Haha, I'm excited.

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